About Organicana

How many healthy habits do you maintain?  - Gym? Swimming? Honey lemon water in the morning? Eating breakfast? Green tea? Less sugar intake?

Usually the answer to all this is.... There is no time!!

Organicana can be solution to most of these.

It's a constant battle isn't it.... To maintain health routines in the supersonic lifestyle we lead?

How often do we give up on diet control or consume unhealthy food...just because we don’t have the time or discipline? 

We at Organicana are constantly in search of Healthy food Supplements for our fast paced daily lives. We are an organic food company started with an aim to preserve environment and promote organic food habits. Keeping in mind the lifestyle and time pressed schedules; we try and give you a healthy nature-made, portion sized alternative to your food habits. We plan to bring the healthy food intake in each and everyone’s lifestyle.

Organicana can make your daily routine healthier and less cumbersome with the unique products. Now you can open a sachet of Organicana honey lemon powder and maintain your figure. To satisfy your Potato Chips craving...we have a healthy solution now – Tasty Natuorday Gorgon Nuts. You want to avoid sugar, we have Honey Sachet’s as a replacement, which can be carried in your pocket.

Are you tired of choosing and ordering your grocery every week? Let Organicana do the job for you, just subscribe to our Organic basket and get a wholesome healthy and nutritious food basket delivered to your place every fortnight. Our products are available in easy to carry packages and they promise to give you a healthy organic lifestyle. After all it’s true... Good things come in small packages.

Licenses and Certifications

Organicana is certified under National Program for Organic Production (NPOP, India Organic) and National Organic Program (NOP, USDA) and has FSSAI License for food production.

Operations at Organicana

Organicana has set of Standard Operating procedures (SOP’s) from production to dispatch to maintain the organic integrity of food products.

  • SOP Health and Personal Hygiene
  • SOP Use of Thermometers
  • SOP Facility and Equipment Maintenance
  • SOP Cleanliness and Sanitation
  • SOP Laundry and Linen Use
  • SOP Purchasing
  • SOP Packaging
  • SOP Receiving
  • SOP Direct Purchase
  • SOP Transportation
  • SOP Storage
  • SOP Handwashing
  • SOP Organic Recycling Composting
  • SOP Food Safety Program Verification
  • SOP Sample of Packaging
  • SOP Record Keeping Documentation
  • SOP Organic Integrity
  • SOP Waste Management
  • SOP Glove Utensil Usage
  • SOP Employees Eating Drinking Workplace
  • SOP Contact with Blood Bodily Liquids
  • SOP Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • SOP Cleaning-Disinfecting After Incidents Involving Body Fluids
  • SOP Manual Ware Washing
  • SOP Pest Control

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