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Organic - Green Tea

Green Tea is probably the most popular heath drink of 21st century.

Organicana Green Tea is made from the freshest tea leaves handpicked and handmade to give you the organic freshness with every sip. As common with other processed products, most of the nutrients are lost in the processing and packaging of the tea, but we at Organicana make sure the nutrition and aroma is intact and untouched only for you. Sip a Cup of Organicana Green Tea and you would know what we are talking about.

Benefits: Source of powerful antioxidants, improves brain function, increases fat burning, kills bacteria increasing dental health and reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Organic Honey

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With so many options available in the supermarkets, one would go with the biggest brand for the purest honey. Yet, there have been traces of antibiotics, sugar and sometimes pesticides present in the processed honey that is mass produced by the big brands. In today’s day and age of fast paced lifestyles and virtual reality, we really need to hunt for pure and organic products to keep us healthy and fit.

Organicana Honey assures you 100% unprocessed undiluted organic honey, which retains all the nutrients and benefit of honey borrowed from the Queen Bee directly. The usual cleaning of pollens and dust particles is all that we do to process Organicana Honey for you.

Benefits of Honey: Reduces low density lipoprotiens a.k.a. bad cholestrol, builds body immunity, reduces skin irritations, strengthens immunity, cures adrenal fatigue and is good for gastritis and asthma.

Dry Fruits Walnut

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Dry Fruits - Walnut

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Often termed as the King of nuts, Walnut is a super food. It has cancer fighting properties, weight control benefits and brain health all packed in one small nut. Along with the contents of rare antioxidants that help prevent liver damage, Walnut also contains beneficial fat that helps people with type 2 Diabetes.

Organicana Walnuts are grown chemical free in the hills of Dehradun, specially packed and brought to you directly from the trees, pure, unprocessed and organic.

Natural Product


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  • Makhana

Dry Fruits - GORGON NUT

Commonly known as Makhana in india, Gorgon nut is a lesser known nut that provides you with array of health benefits packed in one small fluffy seed. An amazingly light and delicious, zero calorie snacking option, Gorgon nut provides you with various benefits like anemia, diabetes management, blood pressure regularization. High Amount of Anti-Oxidants present in Gorgon nut help in maintaining your youthful skin and avoiding premature ageing or grey hair. It has numerous digestive and respiratory benefits as well, a healthy snack which can be a part of your diet and give you immunity from digestive and urinal disorders.

Naturoday promotes this organically produced unusual nut for the varied health benefits and easy to cook and use recipes.

why natural foods ?

Natural foods are frequently labelled for as foods that are minimally processed and all ingredients are derived from natural products.

Benefits of Organic Food

Richer in natural
Pesticide and
Preservative free
Environment friendly
Accredited by (NAB),
Govt of India

about us

Organicana started as an initiative to promote healthy, ecofriendly living in India and today, after completing an eventful year in this service


Simply put, organic has all the necessary goodness while keeping away the harmful elements at bay. Organic foods are better in taste because the natural state of the agricultural product remains intact. This is highly beneficial to us, as well as to the environment, as eco-friendly agricultural practices are employed in their production.
Organic Certification requires that a third-party certifying organization accredited by the Department of Agriculture has verified that a product meets the standards established by the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). It follows the National Standards for Organic Production (NSOP). The NPOP regulates all aspects of organic food production, including handling, labeling, processing, delivery and retail sale. It also accredits state agencies and private organizations to inspect and certify organic facilities.
Accreditation means Registration by the National Accreditation Body for certifying organic farms, products and processes as per the National Standards for Organic Products and as per the guidelines of the National Accreditation Policy and Programme for organic products.
No, not all organic products are the same. There are different categories of organic. In order to carry the NPOP Organic seal, a product must be at least 95% organic; that is, at least 95 percent of the ingredients used must be organic. The remaining 5% cannot include ingredients that are artificial, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), irradiated or grown in fields where sewage sludge is used as fertilizer. But they can include conventional (non-organic) items, only if an organic option for that product is not commercially available. Organicana offers many 100% organic honey.

Products that contain at least 70% certified organic ingredients may use the phrase “Made with organic ingredients,” but may not display the Organic seal on their package. Always consult the printed list of ingredients to determine the organic makeup of a product.
A food labeled 'natural' does not mean it is organic. The term 'Natural' only applies to the production which are minimally synthesized. Stringent standards do not exist for natural food products in many parts of the world. The accreditation agency does not object to the use of the term, provided the food does not contain added color, artificial flavors or synthetic substances. To be sure, always check the ingredients list and look for the listing of Certified Organic ingredients.

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