Honey Sachets

Organicana Honey assures you 100% unprocessed undiluted organic honey, which retains all the nutrients and benefit of honey borrowed from the Queen Bee directly. Organicana provides you easy to use and carry sachet which could be used anywhere anytime.

Each sachet contains 8gm of honey and is equivalent to 1 tea spoon.

A single sachet can be consumed anytime for instant energy.

Infused honey is a homogeneous mixture of honey and herb or spices which contains qualities of both the elements.

Ginger Honey – Natural home remedy for cold and cough, Ginger infused Honey offers various health benefits from strengthening your immune system and helping with indigestion to acting as natural pain killer.

Cinnamon Honey – Powerhouse of antioxidants, Cinnamon infused honey is useful for healing wounds and promoting flawless skin. This mixture is known to cure multiple ailments and aids in weightloss.

Cardamom Honey – Natural Detoxifier, Cardamom infused honey helps in digestive problems, provides oral health, cures sore throat. Combine cardamom honey with milk to fight sleeplessness.

Clove Honey – Known for curing sore throat, Clove infused honey offers multiple health benefits from improving digestive system to providing oral health.

Kesar Honey – Natural skin care blend, Kesar infused honey has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This mixture improves the blood circulation, calm nervousness and alleviates pain.


Available in : 25 Sachets(Pack of 1), 25 Sachets(Pack of 2) and 25 Sachets(Pack of 5)

Flavours : Raw honey, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger and Kesar

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