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About us

In 2016, our journey commenced with a mission: to champion conscious living, nurture healthy eating habits, and foster sustainable farming practices. The backdrop was alarming – a surge in lifestyle-related diseases stemming from unhealthy diets, an agro-food supply chain tainted with chemicals and harmful pesticides, and the plight of farmers grappling with inadequate returns from their landholdings. At Organicana, we are dedicated to curating a range of nutrient-rich products seamlessly integrated into everyday life. All the while, we are committed to the advancement of sustainable farming methods as we cultivate these products for a brighter and healthier future.


Our Commitment:

Encompassing an extensive array of organic and natural products, our platform is dedicated to offering you wholesome options for your fast-paced lifestyle in various easy-to-use portion-size packaging. We are dedicated to crafting fresh and nutritious alternatives to everyday food staples, thereby contributing to India’s integral role in the global organic movement. As we move forward, our aspiration remains steadfast: to evolve into a brand known for innovation and reliability, consistently delivering premium organic and natural products that foster healthy and conscientious living.


Best in class Quality 

Our products undergo a meticulous 8-step journey, spanning from farm selection and adherence to NPOP organic production standards. At each juncture of processing, custom checks are diligently applied to guarantee the highest quality of every grain. These exceptional products are meticulously crafted and packaged within our own certified organic in-house facility, ensuring the utmost quality at every stage of their journey from farms to fine packets.


Portion size with a variety of superfoods 

We firmly believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle hinges on consuming the right foods in optimal quantities. To facilitate this, our sachet options offer consumers an easy way to introduce nutrient-dense foods into their daily routines. These versatile products can be seamlessly incorporated into breakfast cereals, salads, or smoothies with just a sprinkle or a dash. Our diverse range includes chia for added fiber and protein to elevate your breakfast bowl, jaggery powder as a wholesome sugar alternative, and quinoa as a nutritious substitute for rice. Embrace these daily dietary choices to enhance your nutrient intake effortlessly.


Join the Organic Revolution:

We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery with Organicana. Become an integral part of the ever-growing organic revolution that prioritizes health, harmony, and sustainability. With every bite and sip, you not only nourish your body but also contribute to the greater good of our planet. Together, let’s cultivate a future that thrives on wellness, embraces nature, and celebrates the beauty of conscious living.


At Organicana, we're not just a brand; we're a way of life. Welcome to a world where your choices make a difference with #OrganicanaRoozana


Yours Organically,
The Organicana Team